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Greetings all:
Well, a ford Taurus turned in front of me, and I fear the 400 is dead (22,500 mi). The Geico adjustor will advise me on monday. I must say that the Burgman and the use of proper riding attire, including helmet kept me from going beyond scrapes and bruses. Accident was in Albuquerque residential neighborhood of Taylor Ranch. The driver of the car lives 3 houses from the intersection. Car damage is rt wheel, fender and door. The 400 damages are all over the bike except the tail end. most damage rt front. I am in Albq awaiting police report before heading to Questa, Taos County and getting on the 650. My wife says that I am getting tougher as I age (66 yr on April 5). Stay safe and dress for the fall and not what you look like on the street.
Bueno Bye
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