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I swapped out the stator on my 650 and found I needed a special tool to get the rotor off. You can get one from Suzuki but it really is just a fancy M20 X 1.5 bolt. I figured I would just buy a bolt and use that but when I started hunting one I couldn't find anyone that kept the 1.5 pitch in stock. Lots of folks stock a 2.5 pitch but the 1.5 is hard to find especially on a weekend. I posted up a question on a Texas motorcycle board I frequent to see if anyone knew where I could get one in the Dallas area. Most of the suggestions that came back were online places I could order one or nut and bolt specialty stores that were not open on the weekend.

One guy posted up that what he used to pull the one on his bike was an oil drain plug he got at the auto parts store. I did some online checking and sure enough the drain plug for most Subaru is an M20 X 1.5 and the local O'Reilly's had one in stock. Picked it up and gave it a try. It worked just fine. It wasn't quite long enough so I had to use a nut and a couple of washers as spacers but that was no big deal.

So if you plan to change out your stator and you can't find a M20 X 1.5 bolt give the drain plug a try.
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