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I am eagerly waiting to collect my 650 ABS Executive (one week & counting.....)
When I went into the shop recently, I got talking to the mechanic, and he said "I've heard the first service takes 6 hours...."
I know the shop have never sold a 650 (mine is the first) but the mechanic has been on a training course.
I have looked at the service schedule and I think it consists of:-

Oil & Filter change.
Transmission Oil change.
Final Drive Oil CHange.
Tightness check etc.

Most of the other things are brake inspection, throttle play etc
Looking at old posts, it looks like the Fluid changes take an hour or so, and being generous another hour to do a tightness check.

So where do the other 4 hours go?

How long should it take?

If I am going to get screwed everytime I take it to be serviced I think I will get my hands dirty.
The only 'nasty' one I can see is the Tappets at 15000 miles


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Do the service yourself. Its easy and fun. You get to know your bike better that way. There is plenty of help available here at this forum if you need it. I was told the same thing ( 6 hours service charge at $72/hr.) Yea right.

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I would not say that servicing the burgman was easy but it is possible with a little reading and practice[$72 hour american dollars!!!! :shock: times 6 hours]that will be the day i will pay that kind of money.I guess thats why my burgman gets maintained at home.My odo is at 14235 kilometers.I did damage rad cover by breaking off one plastic pin not removing it first before lower panels[first time i serviced tranny oil].also had a frustrating hour or 2 changing spark plugs.But i feel once i have done it a few times the frustration will be gone.I will let the shop change my tires and check tappets[i will remove body work myself and drive to shop , sans body work to keep the labour charge somewhat reasonable.

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My experience

My 600 mile service cost $226.64 (U.S.)

Oil filter: $10.99
Oil $8.40
Gear oil $2.90
Transmission oil $1.40
Labor $178.00
Shop supplies $7.00
Tax $17.95

I had this service performed by a dealer because I wanted a receipt to send in with the extended warranty transfer. (Bought the scooter used)

I intend to do all but the 15,000 mile service myself.



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I asked one of the managers at the dealer here in Ottawa today about this 1000 Km (600 mile) first service appointment. He said they had a 400 that took 4 hours but the 650 would take only an hour.

Sure enough, the total bill in $Cdn was $69.00 labour + fluid replacement.

Someone is hosing you.

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was that for just fluid replacement? Or was that for the full-fledged 600 mile (1000km) service? (oil filter, tranny check, tightening?)

Seems it would take an hour to just go through the body work.....

I agree with the rest, I don't see this service taking 6 hours either.
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