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650 Burgman - Won't Start - Help!

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Can someone give me ideas as to what may be wrong with my 650? I drove it to Myrtle Beach and battery went dead. A police office gave me a jump from his car and I drove it for 1/2 mile. After cutting it off, it would not start back up. The green illumination on the dashboard works, but the rpm never moves. So, I have some battery power, but it won't start. It sounds like it wants to start and engine does turn over, but it won't start. The horn and lights work too. Do you think it is a fuse or a short in the starter switch?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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you may want to start by eliminating the obvious stuff, main fuses etc....

I would next check the battery to make sure it is holding enough juice to start the scoot since
you seem to be able to crank it but not complete the start cycle.

Considering that you got it started with a quick jump, I highly suspect the battery, but I could be wrong.

how old is the battery?
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