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There is an inexpensive full size cover solution at Wal-Mart and it actually fits quite well on the 650 with a Givi E52 topcase:

Wolf Automotive
Motorcycle cover w/small storage bag
Size XL (important L will not fit. I know I tried)

If you don't like it, easy to return. :)
With a small strap mod in the lower back to gather up a little extra
material, it works just fine.
Upper is lightweight material w/ windshield protection inside and heavier
material on the lower portion.
My 650 is garaged and I don't use it as a daily commuter, so I did not wish to sink $140 in a Suzuki OEM cover.
Might be worth a look?

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Inexpensive cover

I had my large bike cover on the Gold Wing. What to do. Then,
I spotted a couch cover in the wash. It was made of a heavy canvas material. It was rectangular in shape. Hey, it fit the Burgman perfectly.

I think I got this particular cover on sale at the Department store.

If you're not able to afford an "Official" motorcycle cover, the
couch covers work pretty well.
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