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I got the impression from the Suzuki salesman that I bought my Burgman 400 from that the 600 mile service consisted of changing the oil & filter, doing a quick inspection, and tightening anything which looked loose. He said that doing my own oil change would not void my warrenty. Since the dealership charges $150 bucks for this, I thought I would do my own oil change.

After reading some of the posts on this site, it looked like there may be more to this service than I was led to believe before, like adjusting tappets, etc. One poster quoted 4 to 5 hours of work. I don't mind spending the $150 if this is something that needs to be done to keep the scooter running right and avoid future problems. What do you suggest?

Also I had a great independent mechanic for my Honda Magna who charged a lower shop rate and did better work than the dealership, could they do just as well on the burgman?
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