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400 vs 650 suspension

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I'm thinking of selling my 2006 650 and buying a 2011 400. Does anyone have any experience with both machines and can comment on the suspension differences?

Thanks, Bill

PS Does anyone know the tire pressures for the 400 with and without a passenger?
Thanks again.
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After too many complaints (we ride 2-up) of getting jarred around from back road bumps and pot holes, I went back to square one and started adjusting the shock on our 400. It's hard for me to tell, being on the 'middle' of the bike, it's pretty smooth. I was on # 3, went to # 5, worse, so going against what I felt was common logic for 2-up riding, I went to #1 and BINGO! What a difference. We rode down our pot holed street a half dozen times testing, and it was very obvious when we hit it on #1. So far NO bottoming, which means it may still be too stiff? But we're both very happy! :thumbup:
FYI, I weigh 180lbs and the fiancé about 130lbs. So over 300lbs on the softest setting! Yes, I know, it doesn't sound right, but I have set up a LOT of long travel shocks before so I do have a decent idea.
It's easy enough, just try it, you may be surprised. :shock:

Edit: This is reading the position numbers from the side, NOT from underneath.
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I know my setting sounds ludacrist (sp) but it was just too stiff. I always thought it was too soft and we were halfway through the travel (sag) before we even left the yard, but after several test spins and a 75 mile trip, we both were saying we should've done it long ago. When we first pulled out of the driveway it went down like the bike had a foot of travel, just cush! I could tell right away. Maybe I got an odd ball spring in mine? Like I said, I know it sounds weird, but I'm 95% convinced the ride is WAY better.
Nice to hear that maybe I'm not totally nuts. Just seems that I remember most guys going full stiff?
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