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Hi! I'm in the market for a Burgie. I've read alot about the differences between the 400 and 650. I definitely want heated grips, a heated seat, and a larger windshield (and I see the 400 has optional heated grips and larger windshield). Is it possible to order the 400 with a heated seat? I see the 650 Executive has that option, which sounds nice.

I'll mostly be using it to drive on the freeway about 10 miles to and from work. I'll also use it as a daily driver around town, and am going to garage it, and back it out each time.

I'm leaning towards the 400, but, to be fair, I haven't test ridden a 650. I'm planning to test ride before purchasing, going to look at some different bikes, and am planning to buy within the next year.

Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated.
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