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i just finished installing a pair of radio shack 273-059 75db beepers
sorry no pictures but you will see it when i explain
i removed the rear cover to get at the rear turn signal bulbs
i cut the wires and split the wires striped the ends
put a female butt connector on the hot wire
center of directional bulb holder
put a male on the ground outer side of bulb holder
put a male on hot going to beeper
put a female on ground
this way you can remove it if you have to
removed the cover above the air filter
ran the wires along the outside of the storage housing under the weather stripping
through the bike to the helmet holder right and left
put double back tape on back of beeper
and mounted them on the lower part of helmet holder l&r
used some wire ties for security
the volume could be louder but when you are stopped you hear it great.
some one said radio shack had a louder one than 75db but mine did not have any louder
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