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400-Left Side Leg Shield & Cooling Fan Filter

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I have just created 2 sub folders in my area of the gallery (primarily to help EKP but I may leave it there as this bit of tupperware is key to a number of maintenace procedures on the 400):

1. Left Side Leg Shield (Removal).
2. Cooling Fan Filter

I will put some explanatory text in later, its getting late here and I'm beat!
But it is fairly straightforward with the pics alone.

This How to is for a pre 2001 Burgman, MUPP has provided some specifics for the K4 which should hold good until the K7 at least.

Mupp's K4 addendum
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Looks good Norman.
Cooling Fan Filter


I am about ready to start my 7500 mile service on my 400 and I think I have everything straight. But I do have one question though on cleaning filters. In the service manual it says "Clean the fan filter". And below that in a warning box it says "Do not apply oil or water to the fan filter." so my question is what do you clean it with?

I checked out your pictures and you say to use water and dish soap? Please advise.

I use ordinary washin up liquid - some folks hear swear by 'simple green'.

Whatever it takes no real big effort just dont scrunch it up wash and squeeze flat between hands only . On completion do not oil.
Hey Norm,

As I posted in the General Discussion, I took my 2003 400 to the dealer for its 4000 mile maintenance. When I got it home, I found out that the oil was over a half quart low!! :evil: :evil: Thus, even with my bad back, I am going to do as much of the maintenance myself that I can. I was browsing through this "How To" section and saw your thread here.

I just wanted to say "Thanks Much!!!!" :D :D I took the time to copy most of your postings to my "Word" files. You did a great and much appreciated job.

Thanks again,
How much of the 400 Left Side Leg Shield Removal instructions would apply to the 650?

Have a look at Allwalk's posting in the How to Section. :wink:

I have just "cleaned" the cooling fan filter for the 7th time. I have yet to find enough dirt on it to justify the effort to access it for the cleaning intervals between the 3500 mile service intervals. Has anyone ever found enough dirt on this filter to justify the extra 1750 mile cleaning?
It does very much depend on your location and the type of riding you do.

If you have found that in your circumstances and from your experience of the low level of contamination of the filter then it would be most reasonable to extend the inspection periodicity to say every other oil change - at least as a first step.

Of course be alert to different conditions if your riding environment changes.
You have to take off the cooling fan filter anyway when you do the valve adjustment. So to clean the filter then there is no extra overhead in disassembly/reassembly.

So as long as I don't ride anywhere that has excessively dusty / dirty air I'm going to clean this filter every 3500 miles with the regular tuneup. The air filter, on the other hand, even though it did not appear to be excessively dirty, the engine acceleration/responsiveness was noticibly improved after I cleaned this filter. (ie. engine air filter + cooling fan filter cleaned, but no other adjustments to the bike). So I will keep to the recommended schedule for that.
It's still not clear why there's a warning about applying water to the fan filter.
If I understand water with some dish soap is used to clean it. Unless there is a different, "dry" method, of cleaning it.
Where do you buy new ones?

Hello-Anyone found a good source to buy replacement cooling fan filters? Thanks, -Dave
I just bought a used '07 an400 (13K miles) and the belt cooling fan filter was absent. Just bits of foam left on the metal circle. I looked online, and after much searching I found several sites that had them for sale..around $7.95. That was fine but they wanted to charge $7.50 to ship. Not OK in my book. So, I went to Home Depot and for $5 bucks bought a foam filter for a shop vac. Cut the material, which is like a black plastic foam about 1/4" thick into a circle that fits inside the metal ring of the filter. I goobered the metal ring up with silicone, especially around the rim and stuck it on. It's easy to poke holes in it for the 2 bolts. I suppose, if you wanted, you could oil it up like a K&N, because it is very much like the stuff they use, just more porous. I dunno how long this bike has gone without a filter but no harm seems to have been done. I'm pretty sure it won't filter like the original, but really how much filtration do you need? It'll keep out bugs and pebbles and sticks and such.
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