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400 burger, 500 atlantic comparison

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At my age, 62, these two scooters are starting to appeal to me since my knees don't like to bend like they once did. Has anyone ever seen a direct comparison of these two in a magizine? How about personal experiances? I am interested in things like roll on acceleration from say 50 mph on. Has anyone ever read or heard 1/4 mile times for these two?Thank you in advance, Vic
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Hi Vic!
We do have a member on the board that went from an Atlantic to the 650. Maybe you could contact them, there member ID is jb4278a. I also asked this person a comparison between the 2 and this is the response they gave me. jb427a I hope you don't mind me passing on your experience.

Just a little insight on the Atlantic 500 vs Burgy 650. Recently I traded in the 500 for the 650. Lost some money, but so far, it's been worth it. I never quite felt good about the 500...purchased in 8/02...the right hand switch assy. failed...repl. 2 mos. later. Then the emissions problem, which seemed inherent on all the 500's....that took 2 more weeks to fix. Again, parts weren't avail. in US...had to be shipped from Italy. Then, finally, the jackhammer sound from 0 to 15 mph...had the tech take the rear end apart...put it back together...still the same problem...even the sales rep. from Atlanta, Ga. offered to repl. the belt, rollers, etc. at no charge considering I already had 4500 miles on the bike. But considering everything, and after taking a test ride on the Burgy...well, it's like comparing apples and Canadian Geese!!! When you're sitting on the 650, you know you have power, both manual and auto....heck, I didn't even use the power button yet. With the 500, you hope you have power to make it up certain hills here in Pa. Even the design engineering I feel is much better. The molded steps for the passenger, the two windows to check fluid levels, the apparent ease of changing the oil on the 650. The simplicity of fueling, the larger storage capacity....and the design of the main compartment box below the steering....using a key for entry and locking is an excellent idea...the fold-away mirrors, the handling when you cross over those little cracks in the road...bigger tires make a difference...the placement of your feet when cruising....on the 500, only half of your foot rests....thereby creating an uncomfortable position for your foot.... and now that I think of it, my local dealership as well as a major one in Maryland have decided to drop the Aprilia/Ducati lines for next year....that fact alone might be telling us something. AW, I suppose you could tell that even though I have limited milage on the 650, having had countless discussions with both my dealership and the good people in Atlanta, Ga. (US Hdqr. for Aprilia), the Atlantic 500 just wasn't quite the machine for me. To boot, I didn't feel that I could even try to sell the bike on my own due to insistent problem with the rear end. Gee, and I almost forgot....when the 500 did break down, luckily in my garage, not one but two tow trucks showed up to tow it to my dealership...but neither of them could...they simply stated that this scooter could not be safely tied down without the chance of something going wrong. So, for a multitude of reasons, I chose to step up to the Burgy 650.....I'm glad I did.
Gee, I hope you're not reading this info with contacts....they probably went dry on you!!! Anyway, thanks for the welcome...take care!! Good scootin!!
The above was related to me by jb4278a. This info was sent to me via a private message. I'm only revealing it to aid or help in someones choice of possible new machines.
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Thanks Allwalk...

Hey, no problem with the comparison presentation....and good luck to Vic. Understanding that we all have our own opinions regarding these great scooters....probably a good suggestion would be to search out a dealership or dealerships that would grant you a test ride on both the Atlantic 500 and the 650. As stated, I'm happy that I fact, this week I'll be ordering the bracket, topbox and cushion that gets afixed onto the topbox....then I'll be able to extend my storage capacity.....I need that extra area for carrying items to my place of work, as well as when going to the local grocery store.....the extra space definintely helps. And of course, in the Spring.....I'll be able to tote along my collapsable fishing rod and tackle box when my son and I go the way, for lighting purposes, I'll be adding a line of LED lights on both sides of the bottom of my fairing.....should look pretty neat!!!
Vic, best of luck in your decisions......and best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year '04. As soon as I get my staples out of my back....I'll be back to riding!!!! Take Care!!! :D
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