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We secured our 400 ABS to a utility trailer using four tie downs and a canyon dancer and towed it behind our motorhome without any problem. Perfect load and easy to set up.

We then discovered the Burgman 400 ABS is the perfect combination of "golf cart" and road vehicle
With the CVT transmission, we were able to easily and slowly move around the park like anyone else who might use a small powered vehicle like a golf cart, yet we had the additional flexibility of being able to go out on the road. Parking near pools or other activity locales within the campground was easy and convenient. Motorcycles with hand controlled clutches are just not made to move around slowly like the Burgman.

The Burgman 400 ABS is the perfect RV resort vehicle. It combines the mobility of a community golf cart like vehicle - quiet and easy to handle and control, yet has the power and capability of managing the area roads which none of the other "resort vehicles" like the glorified gold carts or ATV's can do.
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