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abm said:
300 miles today. first really good weather in the NE.

Got behind a rider on 1A, looked like a Ninja, yep, guy was all dressed out in road gear. H'es goin' kinda slow, I know there are alot of cops.

I have a passing lane. Here we go. Normal mode full throttle, and hold it...passing the dude. 110 mph.....he stomps me, obviously. We go on for a while close riding. Waving, I give thumbs up and smile.

At the next light....he raises visor and says " not bad , what is that ?"

I tell him, ...."blah blah Burgman, 650 cvt, blah blah bleh ...."

I say, " I had your ass there for a while...huh..?"

He said, "I had four more gears to go...!"

Be cool rider !!!!!!

That's funny....sounds like something I would do.
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