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$300 iginition switch,, Help, SUZUKI, help

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I have a 400 that was spose to be recalled for bad switich, it has now quit working and the dealer just said he's sorry...............

Is it possible to hot wire it without taking the body off?
Thanks for information, ideas, help, ..
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Chatman128, Sounds like you have something similar to what's happening to me, I turn the key to the Right but nothing happens until i Tap the Key a little then it comes on, I'm gonna try spraying WD-40 in the Key port first and see what happens i real sure, that the Copper Contacts inside may have Build up Carbon on them, if all els fails then i will Remove the Device and do what Buffalo said open it...

A friends 650 did the same thing and it works fine after spraying it down good with contact cleaner, build up of gunk and corrosion.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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