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I thought I would give a report on my 2006 Suzuki Burgman 400 after 3 months of riding it. I purchased it on 2/24/2014. It was well used with 27994 miles on it, but everything worked and it ran well. This was my 3rd scooter in less than a year trying to find something that would achieve my goals of:
1. Dependable transportation to put less miles on my truck, driving to work at least twice a week. My daily commute is 100 miles, so twice a week is 10,000 miles a year.
2. Fuel economy of at least 50 MPG and hopefully 75 MPG, 2x and 3 x the MPG of my truck.
3. Powerful enough for Interstate traffic (75 mph consistently and up to a strong 80+ MPH in emergencies)
My first scooter / motorcycle (at 51 years old) was a cheap used Chinese 150 cc, great to learn on and not have to worry about tearing up! My second (11/2013 – 2/2014) was a Kymco PeopleS 200. I love the scooter, but at a top speed of 63 mph it did not fit my needs.
Here are my impressions of the Burgman 400. I love it! The top speed is 90 MPH (verified by GPS, 97 indicated) and it is strong all the way up to that speed. It feels like it is going to climb to 100+, but just quickly levels off at 90. That was at a slight uphill with my 180+ lbs. I have ridden 2 up with my daughter (100+ lbs) with no noticeable performance difference.
The storage is fantastic. The dash storage compartments (3) are large enough for my rain suit, sunglasses, cell phone (plugged into the power port!), paperwork and more. The under seat trunk has enough room for my helmet, riding jacket, gloves, straps, extra oil, tools, Thermos and more. The luggage rack is great for a couple of 20# bags of dog food on grocery trips.
The gas mileage exceeds my requirement of 50 MPG but falls short of my goal of 75 MPG. My average over the past 3 months is 58.3 MPG (high of 65.1 low of 53). This includes a lot of playing around with the bike and trying different fuels and additives. I have found that I get the best results by just buying 87 octane outside of Jefferson county. The fuel blend for the Birmingham area (thanks EPA!) makes my MPG drop and makes the idle drop a little, causing the engine to die at traffic lights occasionally. Gas from St. Clair or Talladega counties does not do this. By the way, pure 93 octane caused my MPG to drop. It would be easy to get my average over 60 MPG if I would slow down a little! I typically ride Hwy 78 to I-20, I-459, and in Hoover. My 100 mile commute is mostly (80 + miles) Interstate. If I would keep my speed at 65 mph or less, it would be an easy 60 mpg +.
How much have I ridden? This has really surprised me. I love riding and rarely drive my truck now. Month 1 – 1027 miles. Month 2 – 1450 miles. Month 3 – 1640 miles! A total of 4117 miles from 2-24-2014 to 5-24-2014. At an average of 6.1 cents per mile (at roughly $3.50 a gallon) for the Burgman and 15.8 cents a mile for my 4 cyl 5 speed Nissan truck, I am saving a lot of money!
I am considering purchasing or building another bike to try and get to that 75 MPG goal (dream?). The Honda CTX700 might be in my future. If the Burgman 400 was easily modified it would probably be my permanent bike.
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