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Well, you seemed to have done it right. When people tell me they want to "save" money by buying a bike, I tell them to not to. Most people do the wrong thing, if they want to save money. They go out and buy new, or a very late model, heavy-maintenance, completely impractical bike ala Harley or something they think cool, replete with all the expensive new gear. Then proceed to ride it very little because it is so impractical and within a year, they have a very expensive mistake sitting in the garage.

You have done it the right way. You bought a Good used bike, one miserly in the maintenance costs, mindful of fuel prices, practical enough to function as a car replacement but most of all, you ride it. The 400 really is the best commuting bike on the road. Nothing can beat its combination of power, comfort, storage, protection, etc.

So far as a future bike, why fool around with a good thing? You've already got the best commuting vehicle on the planet. How many miles would you have to ride to make up for the additional cost of an NC700? At maybe only 15 extra mpg, that would be a lot. Plus what do you lose, storage, full protection, auto tranny, relaxed seating position. I've read differing reports on the 700. Some good, some bad. Don't follow up a great decision with a mediocre one.

My advice would be just to keep the 400, put on mellow music when you ride, and slow down a bit, the 400 can get 60+ mpg.

But that's me. Ive had my 400 for eight years and still commute on it. Enjoy the bike and whatever one your future holds. You've done well so far.
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