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I am past the rough tent camping. So IF I plan a trip, VRBO .Com

Its like a fellow work wife of mine, He and his life wife bought a Holiday Rambler Class A Diesel Pusher, almost $180,000. They were wanting to Snow Bird to Arizona. At 7 MPG it cost them $810 just to drive to Mesa AZ, add in the 6 nights in RV parks @ $110. Then the 4 months in a RV camp. Then in April they did the return trip.

Two years of doing this he figured it out for the travel costs plus maintenance like tires and such that they could fly down FIRST class, Rent a house, Rent a small car.

Took a huge loss on the RV but all total, in the last 12 years he is ahead.
That really only comes close to penciling-out if the RV is your sole residence (everything that doesn't fit goes into long-term cheap storage); and even then it's iffy.
1 - 3 of 67 Posts