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2018 Burgman 400 radiator cap access

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I've recently purchased a 2018 burgman 400. It didn't come with a manual. I've found videos for access to the radiator. But, can't find anything for my model. Can someone help me to get to the radiator cap to check coolant level. The reservoir above the gas cap is empty. The bike only has 1000 miles on it. I sure don't want to run it with low coolant and overheat it.
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Not much help for this problem, but worth a free download for future reference (2020 Owners Manual - no real differences maintenance-wise to yours?).

The radiator cap must be situated similar to the earlier models, 'cos the radiator is in the same place - that would put it under the top dash panel. The engine config is the same, so water pump will be in same place, reference bleeding the system of air.
What I'm suggesting,(and may be wrong), is that Mich's videos should help alot. Your problem is finding the correct procedure for removing tupperware.
Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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The normal procidure is to just keep the small overflow tank full between the L-F lines.
Agreed Dave.(y)
....BUT, if the tank is indeed empty, then the manual (for 2019) says to then explore the radiator for it's content.
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But the 2008 rad. cap is accessible by removing the small panel at the parking brake.
Looks like they redesigned the 2018> "pretty", not clever.
That small panel you mention is GONE. More $$$ for the stealership mechanics?
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