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I replaced my GIVI E529 trunk mount with the Suzuki trunk mount on my 2013 with the E55NT trunk. My observations

Suzuki mount
* looks better with the trunk off. I plan on riding without the trunk when I am not traveling.
* closer to the bike and moves the trunk down about 1.5” to 2”
* has a “slight” tilt to the front of the bike without the rider
* the aluminum plate flexes, I assume this will produce some bouncing of the trunk

* very solid mount - no flexing

I am going to give it a road test this weekend with another bike behind me. I will get them to tell me if the trunk is level with a rider on the bike and if it bounces when riding.

I will be curious to see if the new GIVI trunk mount (SR3104) is different than the E529.
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