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I have added Saeng Quick Scan mirrors to my Clearview windshield. They are fantastic. They eliminate the blind spot completely.
I would like to chime in here. Somewhere around 1996 I put a set of Quick Scans on my PC800 due to mirror problems similar to what the 650 Burgman has. They were a Godsend. A glance in the mirror before changing lanes took just a fraction of a second and the field of vision was amazing! I could sit on my seat and stick my arms straight out to the sides and still see past my fingertips in them.

My Executive has the electric shield of course, and I was a bit concerned that I would have to mount the mirrors some place where I was going to leave the shield all the time- not so! I have the XL Clearview on my Burg and I mounted the mirrors about 5.5" down from the top edges of the shield. And with the shield all the way up or all the way down they still work just fine. Great even.

I know that they are a bit spendy but guys, seriously- they really could save your life or at least a very bad situation. Accessories are something that all of us put on our bikes but this one really could save your bacon someday.
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