Hi All,

I bought (member) Dustin's 2013 WHITE Burgman 650 over the weekend - it came with a few items Dustin had either inherited with the bike from P.O. or had pulled and replaced himself. I don’t need the items so listing here for FREE (you pay shipping if needed).

Seat – this is a non-stock seat. It’s on a OEM pan and it is a REALLY nice seat. It looks just like the stock one, but it has no holes for a driver backrest (I need a full size backrest so went back to stock seat). Seems like a really nice quality unit – yours free. Dustin gave me the stocker so I put it back on and have ordered a backrest from bestbackrests.com

Driver Backrest (buttrest) – speaking of backrests – I also have the stock Driver Backrest folks on this site refer to the “buttrest”. Perfect condition.

And more backrests…the Passenger backrest assembly – White. Appears to have all the Tupperware and framing for an easy install. Dustin mounted a trunk which I greatly appreciate over the passenger backrest. Also perfect condition.

I’m in Phoenix, AZ. Come get this Free stuff! I commute to Colorado Springs frequently and could likely bring items up there (maybe not the seat – it is BIG and It would also likely be spendy to ship).

Al – 719.233.0929