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2013 Burgman 650 Executive

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I once again folks. I recently sold my Honda ST1300 and having once owned a 2009 Burgman 650 executive Sandy & I were thinking of getting another. Is there much improvement in the new 2013 modal over the older 2012 modal. I have had a look around and it would cost me around £600 more to get the newer modal is it worth paying the extra or would you stay with the older modal.

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There's only one member who has the new one so far. The thread is nearby. Hans Pluyger?

From what I've read/watched, the new Burger King doesn't quite make the case for an upgrade. Same engine/frame/wheels/suspension/cvt/handle bar controls. Slightly modified clutch, ECU, dash and brakes. Smaller trunk, relocated parking brake and restyled tupperware.

It's a very Burgman upgrade really, lots of little things similar to how previous model years were tweaked slightly. Personally, I think a new, discounted 2012 would be better. Use the savings to upgrade the suspenders and add a topcase.
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