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I test rode the new 2013 Burgman 650 Executive yesterday on a rare beautiful UK sunny day.
Sadly though I was not overly impressed with the improvements.
The main disappointment area is the engine management. In Drive mode at 30mph it is laboring badly and the mid range acceleration is not as responsive.
With the laboring, it's in too high a gear ratio. At 30 and on changing to manual the gear indicator shows 4th, so presumably it's in 5th in D mode as 'traditionally' it drops one gear on this process.
This is all to do with the new so called Eco mode. I think they have now gone ott with this, in their pursuit to achieve better mpg. The Green Eco light was at first also annoying, as it flashes on and off and you think you have left a directional indicator on.
The new dash with dials will eventually get used to as will the handbrake on the left side of the seat.
As reported, Its move-ability drag has now gratefully improved as I easily 'tippy toed' it backwards into its parking slot.
I like how the exhaust is now parallel with the bodywork plastics.
The rear is slimmer but obviously could not fully test the rear passenger comfort seat width or the slightly raised foot boards by 10mm but is a welcome improvement alas to the sacrifice of storage space down from 56l to 50l.
The 12v power outlet is now much further back in the lockable glove box allowing long style chargers to be added, however there is still no provision for a sat nav charger cable to easily be threaded through the door seals.
The throttle heat grip now has been correctly positioned from the factory with the power cable towards the top so now your right hand palm is kept warm (I had to manually rotate mine, these grips are not 360° heated and must only have one heat strip?)
Overall this new 2013 model is good with a few engine management niggles but for an existing 2011 L1 model owner I can not justify a change, especially now with an out the door price UK of £8930 ($13,576 at 1.52 rate).

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A personal question: How much do you weigh?

I've always felt that my K7 was over-revving, like driving an empty van, which is geared for hauling a 1000 kg load. I weigh a bit over 70 kg with gear.

What I find annoying is the 3000 rpm bottom threshold, which you can only go under in the lowest ratio.
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