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2013 650 review Scooter-Station review

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Here excellent article in Europe on new 2013 Burgman 650, they like very much and say best maxi becaome better now. Here some important point they mention:

- More confort with better seat better suspension.
- Deswign change make easier to put leg down on ground.
- They like new dash, jauge, warning light, see/view better.
- Some modification to engine component such on valve, injector etc. engine more efficient and have less friction, engine reponse smoother, faster, better, less brutale, engine now have even longer life than before.
- Clutch is change and much better, more efficient, less friction, help for more better performance and last longer.
- Exhaust muffler sytem smaller, cleaner, better efficient and have catalytic inside.
- Under seat unfortunately loose 6 liter storage space because some change of design of frame.
- They believe ergonomie is best of all on 2013 Burgie 650
- It succeed mission in being most confortable scooter available
- Automotive quality plastic component and fit, finish.
- 2013 Burgie quieter than previous.
- Weelbase now 10mm shorter
- Have new floating brake disc

- Suzuki sell more than 83,000 burgie 650

Most important comment from writer is Suzuki claim CVT problem resolve in 2010 model when perform bolt change, they claim have no problem with CVT now since changes to bolt, but Suzuki still do many changes to CVT on 2013, more efficient, modify pulley and system, modify belt also, CVT now have less fiction and more efficient, Suzuki believe CVT will not have problem in future.

Scooter-Station believe 2013 650 Burgie still best maxi on market and retain it position as leader.

This good evolution of bike but not revolution Suzuki to come with.

2013 650 engine not meet coming new Euro 04 requirement, so engine to change for this also.

Much more in article but these major points of article. ... rtpage=2-2
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Tester claim confort and riding pleasure remain one of the 2013 Burgie 650 dominating point.
Tester claim design revision help fuel efficiency and milage go up.
New faster motor for electric windshield.
Improvement done to many many component and to overall bike.
Suzuuki believe revise CVT will be bullet proof I think you say or at least without problem.

One thing they not like is texture, touch feel of certain plastic unpaint part, not all, they would prefer smooth feel on these part.

For me it look like Suzuki make much change to CVT and it potential problematic bolt, me think this good indication and proof that must maintain very carefully and attentively CVT bolts on 650 model produce before 2011. It not expensive to change such bolt with regular maintenance and oil change.
TwoWheelers said:
NormanB said:
I will give it 2 years befor I consider a swap out.
I'm with you on that point. I will Never Ever buy a first year model of anything; Ever again.
Been there done that. It does not bring good memories.
I'm in the process of attempting to get a new 2012 650 Burgman (at a reasonable price.)
We could be a 2 Burgman family in the near future.
Wife loves her 400...
Me think much much difference situation from 2013 650 Burgie with evolution improvement of very successful already 12 year old existing model now, compare to a Kymco BMW new on market not proven and not impress in any way even if have BMW badge on it.

Gamble much less if purchase of 2013 Burgie now in 12 year of production instead of something like BMW.
jeff_MDR said:
I really like the styling changes to the 650 when I saw it at the LA moto show in December. The lardy ass is pretty much gone, (well, if not exactly gone, then it's rocking a tight pair of spanx), and the other visual changes are fresh. If the mechanical changes prove to be solid, I'm targeting a 2015 purchase.
Reed on Europe Burgie site lardy now 1 inch more narrow than 2002-2012 650
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