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While going to work today, at 1540 hrs spotted a White Burgman, on Baseline\Monte Vista Aves.

While at (2) stop lights we chatted abit, he had a GPS mounted to the windshield, and was powered by the 12 volt plug in, his glove box was ajar and was being tide closed with a bungee cord. I suggested that he trim the plug in connection (bracket) I had cut mine down a little so that I can place the cable inside the glove box, and keep it closed and locked, my cable is routed through the dash then up into the steering wheel cover, he had already lost 2 fuse box covers that is next to the glove box, also suggested he get with Motorcycle Larry for his GPS mount, stated he is aware of him. also spoke about this website as well. Didn't have time to mention that he could of also do a direct wire to the fuse hook ups, instead of using the 12 volt plug in.

He told me he was very pleased with the burgman.
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