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I was at work yesterday standing out in the sun near the motorcycle parking with my closest friend at the school, a Chief Master Seargent by the name of Glenn. Glenn has a nice Road king. Our bikes were parked out there along with 5 other bikes. All Harleys.

Well, while we were standing there, another member of the staff ambled out and over to us - just being friendly. A Senior Master Seargent professional MP. Well - anyway...this other guy is HUGE. Nice dude though. He started moving out toward the bikes (beautiful day - bikes parked close to this outdoor break area) and Glenn kinda drifted over there with him. I stood fast and just wanted to see what was going to transpire...they had already started talking about motorcycles..the big guy already admitting that he doesn't know anything about them. They got over to the first "brace" of bikes, my Moonpie, parked next to LTC John M's highly customized 89 Road King Cop bike. Well, looking at my Moonpie, the big guy says to Glenn, "...blah blah..and you let this park with these! Haw Haw!!" ...and Glenn said - "Hey man - it's Pete's!," and motioned over to me. The big guy, obviously sort of embarrassed by his statement said - this is YOURS!? I said yup - and sort of smirked.

Then big guy says, "What the hell is it!?".....................

I said, after a slight pause, (and with my best serious poker face...)

"It's an '09 Harley prototype that I'm testing out."

Pregnant pause......

The big guy just sort of sat there for a second, looking right at me (he thinks I am a pretty serious guy..)

Glenn, watching this, couldn't hold it in... he busted out laughing (he likes Moonpie...) And then added "It's a new Suzuki 650 scooter and, well, Pete could probably dust all these hogs from 0 to 60 on any given day!"

It was funny. Just a share.

The big guy just sort of slipped away.

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Pete, Just think if your friend did not laugh-

1 "An 09 Harley prototype ? Boy that's sharp"
2 "Really ? it looks kind of small. "
3 "Are they going to discontinue the V Rod for this"
4 "How did you get one, you work for HD?"
:lol: :lol:

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A very enjoyable story, thanks for sharing in Pete :D
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