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2009 Burgman 650 Exec in NC for Sale

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Here is the link to the ad. Thanks for looking. :p
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One more quick bump for a price of $4,700 before I take it off the market and keep it. Any interest? This unit does have a Givi shield, Kury grips, Kury throttle lock, Ikon rear shocks, Spare set of new Michelin Tires, Alaska sheepskin but pad, Hidden Stebel air horn, Signal dynamics voltage monitor. Tire on it have a lot of life left on them. I am the second owner and the Burgman had not been dropped before.
I decided to keep the bike. I know my lack of time now that is creating my desire to sell will be a period of kicking myself later. I have put a ton of money in accessories and suspension upgrades on this bike and I figure if I have to give it away to sell it I will just keep it and riding it until it ages out enough to get over a give away price. I rode it today to work and it reminded me how much I enjoy the Executive on the road and the way I have it setup, I even got a chance to use the stebel air horn for one of those cell phone reeling idiots. Thanks for looking. I will be hanging around a while.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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