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2009 400 Parts

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I am looking for some accessories for my 2009 Burgman 400 but while looking in Bike Bandit it only lists a AN400 for 2008 and then again in 2011. The question is do I look under 2008 or 2011 for any parts or accessories?
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[attachment=1:37gpzhdv]K7.jpg[/attachment:37gpzhdv]Well, Most 2007-2013 Parts are all the same! Except for the curves, you might look Over 2008- if your Model is 2009 or Higher yours is not a 2007, So you want to Look Higher some of the Parts are Re-Designed
for example the Headlight Asse on the 2008 is Re-Designed ,as for the 2007 Headlight Asse is not the same as the 2008, But Most will Fit,

You always look for what you Own 2009, Now on the higher model the parts may be Updated with different specs, or look ,or Power output,or shape But will fit.

Like the Stator Asse Magneto for the 08 it was Updated to put out More Voltage then the 07 Stator Asse Magneto As you can see from the Photos.

Here are a couple of 2009 parts links.

Remember to check the part number - sometimes they change, sometimes they're the same part.

Hope these help.


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Thank you very much for the help!! :D
Glad to!
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