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Can anyone tell me, the air filter you buy like a K&N
for air intake, K&N states their filter is washable, why then it that the filter has oil on it? How would one be able to wash the filter if it had oil on it?

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The K & N filter is a different material...
the stock filter is foam w/oil. It is washable too...
I use hot water in the scrub sink...massage
very not rumple-up & squeeze.
Flat dry between paper towels, then air-dry
until dry. Place the stock filter into a zip-lok
baggie, add a bit of light oil, & gently massage
the baggie to spread the oil around the foam
filter. After removing the filter from the baggie,
place the newly cleaned & oiled filter between
some paper towels, to soak up any excess oil...
then re-install into the air cleaner housing.
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