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2008 Burgman 400 -- 6000 mile review

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I picked up a 2008 Burgman with about 400 miles. I did a short write up after 2500 miles.

Here’s my 6000 mile write up.

Long story short: Out of the 60 motorcycles I’ve owned, the Burgman 400 has proven to be my best commuter. It gets decent gas mileage, has good protection and I’ve come to appreciate the CVT transmission.

I added a taller Cee Bailey’s windshield, Suzuki hand guards and grip puppies. All of these helped make the Burgman a better commuter. However, they did not make the Burgman a better touring bike for me.

I don’t think that’s the Burgman’s mission. Do people ride around the world on 90cc Honda Supercubs? Of course, some do; I just wouldn’t.

I owned a Honda Rebel for a while. One common question that comes up on that owner’s forum-- how do I make more power? The best response -- for what it would cost to squeeze more performance out of that engine, you should just buy a different bike.

I thought I’d use the Burgman for the 100 mile round trip to my farm, but just found it wanting for power for a spirited ride through the KY hills.

I’d recommend the Givi Topcase. Initially, I found it temperamental, but it’s one of the few things in the world that got better with age. I keep my wet weather pants, expanded toolkit and umbrella under the seat. My book bag and helmet/gloves swap out of the Givi topcase.

I had a 1995 BMW R1100RA that I could wring like a chicken’s neck and it always returned a solid 50 mpg for five years. I consistently wring out the Burgman and only do slightly better. However, my gas fill ups confirm that my actual gas mileage is consistently better than what the display indicates. The only way I’ve gotten in the 60 mpg range is to ride so conservatively that it’s dangerous for the traffic I swim in. Defeats the purpose.

So -- to the Burgman 400 owner I met 10 years ago at the Chicken Rally in Alabama. You said that you consistently got 75 mpg. I don’t want to call you a liar, but… I don’t know how to finish that sentence.

Maintenance? Nothing but consumables. In the dead of winter, the starter began acting grumpy. I figured after 7 years, it was time to get a fresh battery. Oil changes? Piece of cake. Also, thanks to those helpful Youtube videos, I pulled the front and rear wheels (not at the same time) and had Pirelli Diablos spooned on. Dramatic difference? Not really, but no more scary hydroplaning moments compliments of balding tires.

As with public speaking, people’s minds tend to stick to the criticisms, but I can say without reservation that it’s been an ideal ride for commuting and light pick up duty.

Hey, you’re not impugning the Mazda Miata by saying it’s not a good pickup truck. Same thing here.

Hope this helps. This forum has been extremely helpful in helping decide to buy and help me with commonly asked questions and problems that come with ownership.

Ride on. :thumbup:

Best commuter bike = 2008 Suzuki Burgman 400
Best retro bike = 2010 Triumph Bonneville Standard
Best bike all-rounder = 1994 Honda VFR750
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A great & honest posting regarding the Burgman 2008 400......!!! Liked it very much. I have had my 2008 400.since 2010 and find it to be my ride of choice except for very long rides over my Honda Goldwing GL1800...!!! I do love both - but - YES...they are different!! Sorta like comparing apples to oranges.. Both are good - but very different. Fuel mileage on the Burgman depends on how & where I ride.. If I am in the city going about 35-40 MPH - my fuel mileage will definitely go up to about 60 MPG + BUT when on the highway travelling about 70-80 MPH - I am getting about 55-60 MPG.

As an aside - the other day I decided to clean my air filter to see if it would make any difference in MPG.....So far - too early to tell......BUT...whoever tightened down the screws and 1 bolt on the air box must have been having a bad day at work........I had to use an impact driver to remove them.. :x :x
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