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OK, I have added a ST1300 to my garage which makes three two wheeled vehicles or one too many for my needs. If I could keep only one, then I would keep the Burgman, but it was made redundant by my Sh150 for around town errands and the ST for the long weekend ride. Anways, here is my craigslist add:

I need to sell this scooter, with only 7800 miles on the odometer, as the number of motorcycles and scooters in my garage is growing to the point where I need some extra room. If I was limited to just one, this is the one I would keep as it can do it all tour, commute, and errand runner.

This is a well kept and maintained maxi scooter that has served me well and has averaged over 61 mpg for the time I have owned it. It's highway capable and a great touring scooter (I have taken it on trips to Alabama and Michigan) and it has class leading storage with enough room under the seat for two full face helmets and a little extra, plus a large lockable glove box. Best of all, it's fully automatic so no needless worries about shifting, making it easy to ride and a great commuter. I am the second owner as I purchased it with 600 miles and it's in great shape cosmetically with only a few small blemishes (one due to a drop at a gas station when I thought the kick stand was down leaving a scratch on the bottom of the CVT case).

Extra Details:
GIVI Airflow Adjustable Windshield (stock screen also included)
Bearcat Drivers Backrest (stock backrest also included)
Modulated break light which blinks to notify drivers when the breaks are initially engaged
GIVI Monolock Topcase Mount (does not include a topcase)
New tires (less than 100 miles on them)
New battery in spring 2013
New air filter in spring 2013
Owners Manual
Original Keys and spare
Clear Title

You should have no maintenance worries until your next oil change as it was recently serviced at Taylor Motorsports in St. Louis. I will allow test drives if you have payment in hand and a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license or I can take you for a short ride as its fully capable handling a passenger. This is for local pick-up, or I can drop it off if you live in the St. Louis metro area.


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Price adjustment to $3250 for 2008 Burgy 400

OK, after reading comments from others and looking at the competition in my local metro area (St. Louis), I think I might have priced my ride a little high. So, I have decided to drop the price to $3250 to get at or close to the expected actual selling price. Really, it's more important to make some extra room in my garage than hold out for a few hundred extra.

Updated craigslist add can be found here:
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