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OK -- Thanks for the reply to the E Mails (allowed me to find the post again as I had lost track of which bike I E Mailed about). :mad:

Anyway, as I said in another E Mail to you describing my situation with the broke 2007 at 73400 some miles, I am undcided at this point what I will do. If can getr some work doen on it reasonably (not at a dealer) and it might jsut be the Clutch (failed the clutch test and CVT secondary pulley does turn). Might get it fixed for reasonable fee considering it is 74000 mile bnbike, not worth much.

Having refound the post on yours -- I doubt I will be interested at $4800, but keeping it in mind aliong with several other deals should I decide to go the route of buying another used one.

I have had more problems with the Burgman 650 than any other machine I have owned (have owned four in the last 12 years). The 2007 I own now in 4 1/2 years and 72000 miels since I bought it has had - start button switch problem that I redesigned and posted a fix on here, a Rectiifer / Regulator Failure that took out lights and ECM Module, and now the loss of power to the rear wheel. Plus a blown fuse on antoher ride that had me limping home at 30 mph for 60 miles (scared to shut it off for fear it would not restart). Got home, and it would not restart, it was just the fuse (replaced it and no further problems there). Nice ride - but pain in the you know what to work on.

However, I like the ride and if I can get a reasobanle amount of useage for a reasonable cost as I did this one, it is OK. I ride a lot, about 22000 a year (estimate would do at least 10000 a year on Burgy, more if I did not have a second bike).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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