Selling my 2007 Burgman 400 with 5670 miles. Was owned by a UofM professor who rode it from Ypsilanti to Ann Arbor. Hence the low mileage. I bought it last September, and immediately changed the tires. The shop is 2 miles away, so the tires have no more than 5 miles on them. Has new battery and oil. I started the coolant change. Have left side plastic off. Trying to bleed the system, and noticed dripping from by the radiator, and more underneath. Only lost about 1/2 shot glass of fluid. The rear wheel is somewhat stuck. Will turn under power, but not by hand. I sprayed the handbrake linkage with a cleaner, and that helped. The bodywork is fine. The scooter was always covered. I had a 2009 400, and sold it in 2017, I think. I really liked it. Bought a CTX, which I hated. Gave up riding in 2018 when I bought my Mustang convertible. Didn’t miss riding at all. Bought this scooter on the spur of the moment. I really don’t have the desire to ride, like I did before. So I just don’t want to monkey with it anymore. The engine runs great. So I set the price at $1,000, but will accept a reasonable offer. I will take pictures and send to anyone interested.