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ok, here is some good info from the Yahoo burgman group.

>Just came back from the 2004 Amsterdam
>MotoRai and I can clear up some things
>especially about the 2005 Burgman 650.
>Pics and basic info here:
>Other pics I made during the MotoRai
>(less scoot content, more general) here:
>Details here:
>- Yes, the 2005 Suzuki Burgman 650 DOES
>have an electrically adjustable screen, this
>is also confirmed in the 2005 Suzuki
>brochure I have here.
>- Yes, the button as how you saw it in
>the German pics and as how you'll see
>it in my pics is how it will be on the
>final model.
>- The screen slides up and down, parallel
>to the fairing. So not going forward and
>steeper like on the RT/LT/FJR, it just
>slides. The screen on the show was fixed
>(they couldn't operate anything since all
>the bikes are battery-less) in the highest
>position. The picture in the brochure I
>have shows the screen in the lowest setting,
>which is with the bottom of the matt-black
>screen trim above the air intake. Estimating
>by the pics I think the screen can move up/
>down about 20 centimeters. Also see
>brochure pics in the album to compare.
>- The 2005 Burgman 650 now also has, next
>to the magnetic coded slider, an electronic
>immobilizer (like on Silverwing and Yamaha)
>and (like model before I believe) a catalytic
>converter, placed (like Tmax) in the muffler.
>- In 2005 the "standard" Burgman 650 is no
>longer available, the "executive" version is
>now the only version available (in Holland
>at least), which comes with the screen and
>ABS in the colors silver and dark blue, both
>with the white blinkers and chrome **** on
>the handlebars and on the muffler (which has
>the cat converter built in). Looking at the
>USA site it appears they will only have the
>standard available without the ABS and
>without the electrically adjustable screen
>(which looks different in the EU brochure,
>having two pointy things on the screen trim).
>Funny enough (like with the TMAX/A) there
>are still 2 dry weights mentioned in the spec,
>238kgs and 244kgs.
>- It also has (I don't know if that was
>installed before) an anti-splash deflector
>below the footboard to prevent road-****
>from being blown up thru the "holes" in
>the footboards.
>- Price in Holland will be ˆ10690 Euros.
>About the 2005 Tmax:
>- The show had a suprising number of Tmax's
>this year, 3 to be exact. All 3 in different colors,
>a blue one, silver one and red one. These colors
>plus a black one (not on the show) are also shown
>on the website, strangly enough though the
>brochure and pricelist state that only the silver
>and black one are available. I wonder if there were
>that many there because this year the Tmax's were
>sold out in Holland (I never see them anyway...).
>There was only 1 Burgman 650 on the show though
>(eventhough the Suzuki girl there said she got an
>enormous amount of questions about it).
>- ABS seems now standard (at least in Holland) on
>the Tmax and the bike is now called TMAX/A
>(in fact the code XP500 is no-where to be found
>anymore in the brochure). The ABS sensors are
>nicely integrated and visible in the pics. I'm not
>sure the non-ABS version is also available. There
>is only pricing info for the TMAX/A, but the technical
>specifications for the TMAX/A state that the weight
>is 205kgs, but 210kgs for the A (so 2 weights).
>- Price (standard now with ABS) in Holland is
>now ˆ9499 Euros, which is 500 euros more than
>the 2004 price (which in my opinion is not that
>much for having ABS, eventhough the bike is
>still expensive, and adding only 5kgs).
>All the scoot pics are here:
>For the other (also nice) pics I made during
>the MotoRai check out these pictures:

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you're welcome Reg. I was so excited to see what the '05's looked like.
Now I'm much more sure i'll be getting an 05 in the spring.
It has everything I want...and its in BLUE !!!!

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I think, as for us and Canada being second best, so to speak, its because in Europe they ahve been riding scooters and small bikes for many many years. When I was over to England a couple of eyars ago, mostly all I saw was scooters. Only a few "real" motorcycles, if you will. In USA and Canada, we're still with that "Harley or nothing" attitude, so its no wonder the japanese manufacturers feel that spending alot of time and advertizing in our countries is mostly a waste of time. Over time maybe this will change, but it will take some time. I'm sure sals of small bikes and scooters in USA and Canada are very small compared to Europe. So the manufactures tend to lean towards where the $$ is in small bikes.

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I just met another person who just traded in his Goldwing for an '04 silver 650. He was telling me that a few guys he rides with have done the same thing. One of the reasons for this he told me is, they are all retired guys, and are having a hard time with the large bikes, ie weight and swinging there legs over. They find the burgman to be like a mini goldwing. They are very happy with them. So, maybe slowly the burgman is gaining ground. Just have to see what the next few years bring for super scooters.
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