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On Monday I traded in my AN400 for a new '05 650. Suzuki has redesigned the windshield so that the bottom lip is no longer flush with the front headlight panels. It looks like the windshield height may be adjustable, which might cure the whistle problem, but the owner's manual only tells how to clean the windshield, the dealer had never seen this new design and had no information, and Suzuki retail customer support telephone line won't give any "technical" information. Suzuki retail customer telephone support says I have to take the bike back to the dealer so they can confirm the problem actually exists, and the dealer has to call the secret Suzuki dealer tech support number for information.

Help! Maybe someone across the pond has run in to this whistle problem and can tell me how to cure it. It occurs at all speeds above 28mph.

Another thing - the windshield on my 400 was rock steady at virtually all speeds. The windshield on the 650 wiggles back and forth whenever you get above 50mph.

The bike is embarassing to ride. The selling dealer is 250 miles away.
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