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2005 650 bogging down on take off ???

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Good day: A friend of mine wants to take his grandson on a ride early tomorrow ,however, late today the bike started to bog down on every take off and sometimes keeps bogging till 50km. Any suggestions that he might try tonight, are welcome. Thanks .
Captain Nemo 1 ............ :D :D
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First thoughts are checking coils/spark plugs but you might run it on the centerstand at idle and see what the speed indicates in case the CVT is stuck in a higher ratio.
Good day MJR: Thank you for this idea. He is a very good handy man on cars, so I will pass this idea on to him. This should be a good start for him to try. Last fall he said on one of his petro stops he got some bad gas, had some problems then it cleared up. If the filters did clog to a certain point, correct me if wrong , one in line and one in tank. are you able to clean them with air or might he half to buy new ones, if so, he could try air first.........
Thanks Captain Nemo 1 .......... (had bad gas)-- :lol: :lol: :D
I don't hink there was an inline filter just a screen in the tank. I have seen some stations not put the cap back on their tanks and rain water get in also. Most vehicles don't like a high alcholol content either. It's not real easy to get at the fuel line as I recall with the body on otherwise you could get a fuel sample in a glass bottle to see if it seperates out.
Good day : Thanks again MJR good info, he will try this. When he clears the problem, I will post what it finally was and what he did to cure the problem. Thanks again ..............Captain Nemo 1 ......... :D :thumbup:
it all depends on the symptoms..

if the engine revs high into higher RPMs when you open the throttle from a stand still and it feels as if you are not going anywhere, and you have to back off the throttle and let the engine settle, it is probably a clutch problem or PPS problem.

you can check my burgman center for the DIYs on how to check the PPS and the Clutch repair.

good luck....
Thanks LeDude: I will give him this info and see where it takes us. Will post back when resolved.
Thanks -- Captain Nemo 1 ......... :D :D :thumbup:
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