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I just got rid of my 400cc Burgman and got a 650 Burgman...does anyone have owner's manual not service manual...want to know how to use the gears and not mess up transmission or should I just stay in manual mode....thanks...

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1st., welcome.

I would just stay in Auto mode, until you feel like playing around.

I rarely use manual, and occasionally use power.

You can switch to either while riding, No need to stop.

Be aware it does have about a 1 sec. delay to engage.

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Owner's Manual

I don't know if this will be much help - this one page is all there is in the Owner's Manual (2007 AN650) regarding shifting except for a chart that tells you when to shift manually:

1st to 2nd - 12MPH
2nd to 3rd - 21MPH
3rd to 4th - 28MPH
4th to 5th - 40MPH

5th to 4th - 37MPH
4th to 3rd - 25MPH
3rd to 2nd - 19MPH
(No list for 2nd to 1st)

Seems like you would be doing a LOT of unnecessary shifting. I would just leave it in Drive and click the Power Button if you are in a passing/uphill situation and know you want the extra RPMs for a brief period. I've only had my Burgman 650 about 3 weeks / 900 miles now, but a trip over the mountains last weekend showed me the CVT is pretty intuitive. It never seemed to be bogging, and was quick to add RPMs when passing or going up steep grades. Your call - YMMV. :)

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