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I have the itch for another bike, so have decided to sell the Burgman. Here are the details:
32,000 miles
Never wrecked, dropped twice, a few scratches.
Mechanically I'd ride it anywhere, (and sometimes do, read on) but it has a few scratches consistent with a bike this age/mileage.

Add ons:
Throttlemeister bar ends for throttle control.
Clearview XXL or XL (dont' remember which) windshield. Has vent. I also have the factory screen
"Bearcat"s Isuzu backrest- also have factory buttrest.
HID headlight kit

Tires are good, rear will have about 65%, front better than that (Bridgestone OEM tires)

Here's the story- I am the second owner- bought it with only 1800 miles. I drive a large truck in my business, and sometimes carry the Burgman on the back of my truck when I travel. I'd say about 15-20% of the time it's been out in the weather because it was either on my work truck, or I was using it. The rest of the time it is stored indoors. Stopper bolt has not been replaced, but inspected regularly, and has shown no signs of wearing. Sometimes I'll leave my work truck at a job site and ride the Burgman home, then back to the job a few days later. Often I've ridden it 300-400 miles from a job to home, then back again. The Burgman gets 52+ MPG, my big work truck gets 10MPG, so it saves me a lot of fuel! It's never let me down, and I may haul it from Birmingham to Baton Rouge next week and ride it home, then back again. So I rely on it just as someone else would their car, and the bike hasn't been a garage queen only ridden on weekends. It's always serviced regularly with Rotella 5W40 synthetic. I rely on it, and have taken care of it as such. If you're looking for a good bike and don't mind a few minor scratches, this is a great bike for you. If you're looking for one that's showroom perfect, this isn't it. email me at: [email protected]

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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