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Hi everyone! Just bought a 650 last week after years of saving and searching for the right deal. Very excited. I commute about 500 miles per week and the old 2001 Chrysler 300m (which I love - is fantastic by the way if there are any 300m owners here - 200k and counting) is just drinking too much gas. I've been riding scooters since I was 12 (I put over 9k on my '92 Elite50SR delivering newspapers!) and the Elite 250 still runs good but 68ish mph is no longer cutting it in today's interstate traffic. My brother, who has owned about 40 motorcycles so far in his life, is very skeptical about this "super-turbo scootersaurus rex" as he flippantly calls it... but I'm determined to make a believer out of him. I will be putting alot of miles on this scoot and getting alot of enjoyment out of it and look forward to getting to know you guys & gals along the way! If you have any pointers for me please do send them my way! Already ordered a Givi Windshield from WikiDave and next is the driver backrest ... that thing has GOT to be moved further back than the adjuster will go... perhaps I can make a bracket or something? Anyway, Hello everyone from Pittsburgh! -Ames
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