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Took the Burgman out today for my last "break in" ride. Hit 560 miles on the way back. Should be right at 600 when I get the 600 mile maintenance done on Tuesday.

It was 66 degrees today and beautiful out. Got on the bike and did a 160 mile round trip up to Kerr Lake just north of the Virginia border. I can't wait to get the 600 mile service done so I can do things like, pass, or accelerate uphill. I've been babying her so far, but I'm really looking fun to twisting the throttle, or trying out the Power button, or doing something really novel, like passing.

Got the bike almost customized the way I want it. I put a Clearview light tint XL shield on it this week, and the Best Backrest. After the trip today though I have to admit I was a bit sore. As a heavier rider I need to adjust the factory settings on the rear shocks and forgot to do that. I think that contributed to some of my discomfort, but I've been eyeing a Russell Day Long for the last 3 bikes so maybe subconsciously I'm looking for an excuse to buy one.

Until then though, I stuck the BeadRider from my old bike on there as soon as I got home. I'll try riding with that for a while and see if that works out better.

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