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Take heart, short ones, long people drop their bikes too...

101 (or more) Ways To Drop Your Bike

Compiled from

1. Putting your foot into a hole when stopping.
2. Putting your foot down on something slippery when stopping
(gravel, dog sh-t etc).
3. Locking the front wheel during overenthusiastic braking.
4. Missing the driveway and sliding on the grass.
5. Not putting the kickstand down when getting off.
6. Make a turn from stop in gravel or sand at high throttle.
7. Not putting a board under the kickstand on asphalt on a hot day.
8. Letting overenthusiastic people sit on your bike who have never been on a bike.
9. Forgetting the bike's in gear when you jump on the kickstarter.
10. Revving the engine, releasing clutch, and putting feet on pegs when the light turns green,
but the bike's in neutral.
11. Not putting your foot down when stopping on red light.
12. Losing balance when putting it on the centerstand.
13. Take an hour ride in 30 degree weather with no gloves, stop at a stop sign and pop the
clutch when you start cause you've lost feeling in your hands.
14. Putting your foot down at a toll booth on the thick layer of grease that
builds up when cars stop.
15. Using too much power when you pull out of a greasy toll booth.
16. Ignoring the sand that builds up in the spring at the side of the road
in places that sand and salt roads in winter.(my wife dumped her bike at
the end of our driveway last week)
17. Kicking your kickstand in a cool fashion and having it bounce back up
instead of staying down.
18. Getting off your bike while it is running and forgetting that is in
gear. (should have seen my wife do this one)
19. Trying to kickstart your first bike over and over 'cause you didn't
realize that it was really out of fuel, and getting the goofy metal ring
on the side of your boot caught in the kickstarter, causing you (and the
bike) to go over on the right side.
20. Starting your brand-new electric-start trail-bike, riding around an
ornamental shrub on full left lock, throwing it to the right and
accelerating to wheelie over the curb onto the street and _then_
discovering that you hadn't unlocked the steering-lock...
21. On same bike, getting the dual-range lever caught inside your jeans
as you come to a stop...
22. Having your boot/jeans catch the gear-lever and putting your running
bike into first gear whilst reaching for the side-stand (which is why I
now automatically pull in the clutch whenever deploying or retracting the
23. Having "green" racing linings which have much higher coefficient of
friction on the slight rust that forms on the polished drum when you've
not ridden for a few hours, and lose the front-end holding the brakes on
against the throttle to wear off the rust, with your brother on the back...
24. Having a three-cylinder two-stroke that's so smooth you think you're
in second when you're actually in first, so you spin out when the
undercarriage touches down in a tight corner passing a car and you think,
"just a bit more throttle will help here..."
25. Revving bike in impressive squidly fashion at red light, thinking
it's in neutral; dropping clutch and standing in place while bike
wheelies and backflips into intersection. (saw it happen)
26. Having your fat-ass brother (as a pillion) lean waaay over to the
side to look at something on the ground while at a stop sign.
27. Wife gets foot caught in saddlebag while getting on before you.
28. Rebuild carbs and treat bike like it still needs full gas away
from a stop.
29. Add bald tires, and a smattering of rain to 28.
30. Look at the sand at the edge of the exit ramp rather than through
the turn.
31. Neither you nor your dad watching while he's backing his car up
to the woodpile to unload wood.
32. Not putting the pin that holds the center stand all the way in and
then trying to put the bike on the center stand.
33. Trying to hold the bike upright before deploying the center stand
only to find your knees are too weak from riding.
34. Park behind friend's mom's minivan figuring "If anybody goes
anywhere, they'll surely see it. 'specially since there'll be
5 of them getting into the van. Why can't at LEAST ONE OF
35. After getting fuel at gas station and holding the bike level with
your legs in order to fill it completely, jumping off forgetting
that your legs were holding it upright not the kickstand.
36. Entering a DR ("decreasing radius") turn at too high of a speed...
This is especially dangerous when making a right turn where if you attempt
to straighten up and brake, you'll plow into oncoming traffic...
37. Trying to countersteer (or wheelie) your shaft driven bike? ;-}
38. Getting your boot/ shoelace caught on the gearshift.
(I wear laceless boots now).
39. Attempting to kick start a cantankerous '84 CR500, whilst
standing on a picnic table bench, and she *kicks* back!
40. Getting pissed off for dropping it in the first place, yanking
it vigorously off the ground, only to have it dropped on the _other_
41. Pulling out the swingarm stand, and forgetting to put the sidestand down
42. Backing down an inclined driveway, turning to either side with a full
tank of gas.
43. Taking the bike off the centerstand and forgetting the sidestand.
44. Riding on wet grass with street tires (Almost as bad as ice!!)
45. Riding on wet asphalt with dirt tires (Almost as bad as ice!!)
46. *Thinking* the kick stand was down when it wasn't
47. Kick stand slowly burying itself in hot asphalt
48. Kick stand slowly burying itself in soft ground
49. Backing up perpendicular to a steeply sloped driveway and
attempting to put your foot down on the downhill side while on a large
bike with a high seat. (By the time your foot reaches the ground the
bike is so far off center balance you won't be able to hold it up.)
50. Backing your bike down a plank, by yourself, from the bed of a
pickup truck. Works great as long as you remember that once you start
moving stopping for any correction is out of the question. Get two
people to stand on each side of you and the bike.
51. Losing your balance when coming to a stop because of fatigue from
a long trip. The wind and the buzz of the bike induces an unexpected
case of vertigo. Stop often and rest.
52. Riding beyond your limits while trying to keep up with someone who
is probably riding beyond their own. Always a temptation. The best
riders/racers understand and use discipline when riding.
53. Not paying attention. Always strive to anticipate what could
possibly go wrong and be planning what your going to do when it
happens, eventually it will - and you'll be ready, instead of
surprised when your much more likely to do something stupid and
54. Assuming that all wet roads are created equal. They are much more
slippery when it first starts to rain - until the oil and dirt are
washed away.
55. Assuming that the condition of a blind corner is the same as it
was the last time you rode it. Instead you find sticks, road kill,
oil, rain wash, stones, pot holes, garbage etc. etc.
56. Not understanding how to get set-up for a corner when pushing the
limits. In most cases the bike could have made the corner but the
rider decided it couldn't and while in a panic attempted to correct
the situation with the brake. WRONG! MSF course will discuss this at
57. Riding without all of the protective equipment because I forgot to
bring it and after all it was just this one time. Turned out to be
the wrong time! I forgot my MX boots and fell on a steeply banked
corner and the foot peg attempted to drill into the back of my right
calf. On crutches for 3 weeks with a deep bruise.
58. Using a little too much power turning the first corner after
you've put on new tyres (with that nice slippery release
compound on them).
59. Being to short for the bike you are riding, and coming to a stop sign.
60. Your rider hops on before you are ready.
61. Pushing your bike into the garage and letting it get leaned just a little
away from you, pulling you on top of it to the ground.
63. Pulling off both fork caps while the bike is on its
centerstand (did this)
64. Park pointing downhill, don't leave it in gear (almost did
this, but caught it)
65. Park with sidestand facing up hill, sidestand is too long
(Yamaha Radian 600)
66. Allow friend to ride bike that has either no riding
experience, or only tiny dirtbike riding experience (they will
wheelie out of control, fly straight at the nearest object, or
drop it attempting to stop suddenly-happened to my bike twice)
67. Pulling into Dairy Queen and slipping on a spilt chocolate malt.
68. Sitting on your bike on an inclined driveway talking to a very pretty
girl, forgetting where in the hell your mind is and then noticing that
it's already too close to the ground to stop.
69. Change rear-end oil on a shaft drive bike, spill 90w on tire,
don't clean it up and then make a really sharp turn out of the
driveway. *Splat*
70. Parking your bike so that it stands upright w/the kick stand down
and then having a slow leak in the rear tire which causes the kick
stand to push the bike over (long story).
71. Running into a bus after a 120mph+ high speed chase where there is
helicopter pursuit and you are being taped by 5 local news stations.
72. Spending 3 hours washing and waxing your bike and then stepping back
to admire it with some buddies and then watch it fall right off its side
stand while it was warming up.
73. Pushing it over.
74. Covering it with a windsail (aka canvas cover) and letting the
wind push it over.
75. Unbolting too many components from the back so that the bike falls off the
76. Having an internally rusted CX500 centre stand come apart whilst
putting the bike onto it.
77. Discovering when you stop and try to put your foot down that the
kickstart lever is up your pantleg.
78. Letting your wife drive the bike and having her stall it
on an inclined driveway while in a 45 degree angle to the
79. Entering a banked freeway onramp with a stoplight at the end, and realizing
a little too late that the downside is just a _little_ steeper than you
80. Whacking the throttle open on the highway when you think there's no
cop around then slowing to normal speed again only to realize that a
trooper has been trying to catch up with you for two miles and he's
pissed so he decides to run you off the road because he thinks you were
trying to run away from him, even though you explain to him that if you
were trying to run that he wouldn't have caught you then getting out of
any tickets because the *@!!$#, uh I mean cop, felt bad even though he
never said "I'm sorry" . . . .but I'm not bitter
81. While pushing your bike in an attempt to start it by compression,
jumping on side-saddle with excessive vigor.
82. Successfully compression starting your bike
while running alongside, only to find out that
you'd held a BIT too much throttle!
83. Deploying the centre-stand without noticing that the ground falls
away on the other side.
84. Taking the wife on a ride on your brand new, first bike in 20+ years and
making a slow, tight, turn on gravel. . . .
85. Riding in stilettos and getting stuck on the footrest
86. Swinging your legs too enthusiastically over the bike with tight
trousers on and kicking it over
87. Dismounting while trying not to wet yourself (cold weather..tuh!)
88. Riding short distances side-saddle fashion
89. Pulling off with a blood alcohol level exceeding the stated limit...
90. reaching down to pick up your gloves/keys/glasses.
91. paying too much attention to the tiltometer on your valkarie
92. Dropping your dirtbike on the side of a steep hill
covered in pine humus, then while getting it righted go over the down
side because it's too far of an angle to get a foot down.
93. Trying to ride away on the side of a steep hill covered in pine
humus which is slipperier than sand.
94. Bopping down the freshly-oiled farm lane to see the neighbor kid
with my brother on the back, cautiously toeing the rear brake, feeling
the rear wheel slide as we headed straight for the barn, grabbing a
panicky handful of front brake, doing a slow highside despite dabbing
mightily, sliding right up to the barn door prone on the well-oiled
bike with my brother on top of the pile, and hearing the neighbor say
"Didn't that thing used to be orange?"
95. kill the bike while leaned over trying to make a slow, sharp turn
in a parking lot
96. Forgetting to remove the disc lock and taking off from the curb
with haste.... Tends to break front caliper too.
97. Falling asleep.
98. Getting help from a neighbor in pushing your 750 up a steep ramp
into a moving truck. Though he might assure you that he used to ride a
motorcycle, it turns out it was a 125 in Bombay. He gets 2/3 of the way
up the ramp, looks panicked, and his knees buckle. Crunch.
99. looking at the pretty curb to your left on a right-hand bank.
100.Trying to get a wasp out of your jacket while sitting on the bike, got
stung twice before the bike fell.
101.Trying to start out in a quick turn (leaning in anticipation of giving
it throttle) and stalling it out because the engine hasn't warmed yet -
it's a nice, slow drop...
102.Forgetting to put in oil after an oil change. Starting 'er up, and
wondering why the low oil pressure dummy light doesn't turn off.
103.After a brake job, forgetting to pump the lever/pedal a few times, and
taking off, wondering why there's no brakes as you're coming up on the
104.Having a mechanical gate close on you as you're trying to ride through.
105.Hitting that patch of sand which has washed across the road on
a blind bend.
106.Absentmindedly putting the bike on the kick stand and walking
away before you check to see if the driveway is level ... "crunch".
107.Applying your usual amount of throttle but with a passenger
behind you ... "cool ... look at that plane".
108.Pushing your bike into the crowded garage, letting it get
leaned just a little away from you, pulling you on top of it into your
vintage MG.
109.Popping a wheelie while showing off for a girl, almost looping it,
slamming on the rear brake to compensate, and passing out from the
bollocking several yards later.
110.Assuming the puddle of liquid behind the convenience store was water when it
was actually used motor oil.
111.Starting bike while habitually squeezing clutch lever,standing to the left
of the bike, remembering too late that the bike is in gear. Realize too
late that the choke gives the bike enough power to drag you 30' across the
parking lot in first gear...
112.On your third ride with your first ever bike. Stop at a red light.
When the light turns green, you have to start uphill, and turn right at
the same time. Somehow that overwhelmed me. I was probably "thinking" too
much and just dropped it. Did a lot of uphill practicing after that!!
113.Parking on a bit of an incline (slopes down right to left), having your
left foot slip a little when getting back on the bike, and slowly loosing
your balance. (actually, may not have been slowly, might have been on of
those "time slows down" moments)
114.Let your buddy ride it. And if you are really stupid let him ride it
115.Turning onto a busy street and in the middle of the
turn you suddenly remember that this street has trolley tracks.
116.Put armor all on your tires to make them look nice and pretty and then
ride on the white safety lane line as you take a HARD right turn at
117.Throw a party and get together with a random girl on your bike in the
garage while extremely drunk. *boom*
118.Pull into parking and failed to ensure proper extension
of the sidestand....concluding then with near perfect
execution of the Laugh-in scene where the bike topples
over onto your leg, and your going down, pinned beneath.
119.Stop for gas, carefully shut off ignition and take key out (to unlock
tank), carefully remove helmet and set it over mirror, carefully
remove gloves and place on instruments, open jacket, step off bike ...
forgetting to put sidestand down.
120.With bike off, try to make walking U-turn in driveway. Bike doesn't
have necessary turning radius, front wheel leaves pavement and goes
into soft dirt.
121.The setting: Bikes at inside end of driveway, on centerstands, facing
away from front of driveway. Backing cage into driveway ... slowly ...
at about the right point, stop ... note that cover on bike #1 is
moving slightly ... notice bike #1 ever-so-slowly roll forward off its
centerstand, then sideways into bike #2. Bike #2 stands there and
takes it without falling ... but there's no way to get it to lift #1
122.Tweaking the front brake at a light as you JUST come to a stop
with the forks turned to either side at ALL on a top-heavy bike.
123.Jump an old dirt bike over your parents' fence (use a ramp
to get enough height). Realize on the way down that you
*don't* know how to land. (I believe this was caused by
"Adolescent Invincibility Syndrome".)
124.Test-ride an Electra Glide Sport (OK, these days it
would have to be a Road King) around the old, cracked
pavement in Brisbane near the Cow Palace.
125.Have a BMW with the sidestand linked to the clutch
lever, so that pulling in the clutch retracts the stand.
126.Put the bike back together after waiting months since the last
crash for a part to arrive, and don't install fuel filters.
Gas tank rust clogs carburetor float needles, overflow tubes
lube rear tire, brake to avoid manhole cover in curve, the
waited-for part is broken.
127.Park next to some **** on a Triumph who leaves his disclock on,
and return to find your XV1100 with a few dents and a little
note saying 'Sorry' in the brake lever. (I left my phone number
128.While riding home the day after getting your shiny new bike turn
onto a dirt road and discover that they are in the process of combing the
road and your front tire is now sliding through four inches of loose wet
sand (Did I mention it was raining). While picking up your bike be sure
to grind plenty of sand into the tank.
129.Round a corner as a very atractive young lady in a mini skirt (minus
panties) leans into her car trunk. I almost crashed a freind did in a
seperate incident.
130.A loose dog tries to grab your leg while riding on the loose sand in
the parking lane. (I was just leaving the girlfriends with her on the
131.Clutch Cable breaking as you are trying to make a slow u-turn around
a boulevard.

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I was surprised to see this one on the list. I did this once. It's a horrible feeling when you realize that your going over but can't put your foot on the ground.

38. Getting your boot/ shoelace caught on the gearshift. (I wear laceless boots now).

It won't be a problem with the Burgman however!

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1, 2, 5, 7, 17, 46, 59, 106 (almost...)

132. Getting open leg of jeans caught on lever of sidestand. :oops:

133. Having husband with less than 30 miles of experience demand to take you pillion so he can show off to MSF instructors. Pulls into parking spot (testosterone flowing), tells you to dismount, then lowers and sets bike on sidestand whilst you are getting off, thus throwing you 2 feet from bike. OUCH! :roll:

134. Forget you're balancing the bike between legs whist at bank drive through, lean over too far to get money & **POOF**! :oops:

135. Sidestand collapses as you dismount the bike, pinning your ankle in your parking lot at work. Call boss (he's muscular) to help and he initially thinks your're pulling his leg. He thinks again and says to self, "I'd better look out the window, just in case". Hear him say, "Holy sh** as he flies down the stairs!! :oops:

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Park facing downhill (even if it is in gear) & having kickstand collapse
pinning you under bike with full gas tank leaking onto hot engine.
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