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Well killing time today I came across this article: ... h-you.html I'm not sure I agree with all of them and not all of them apply to the Burgman of course...still should get the juices flowing however.

1) How to park properly beside other bikes
Proper position, alignment, parking in gear on uneven pavement, angling your motorcycle's front tire, etc.

2) How to ride on city streets
Some actual real-street practice riding would be a welcome addition (A very good idea indeed).

3) Route planning
What to look for on the map, planning breaks, gas stations, scouting good roads, etc.

4) Things to plan for your first long ride
Backage, packing, travel essentials, gear, etc.

5) Rotating your bike on it's sidestand
Because whether you're in a tight spot, or just want to look cool, knowing how to spin your motorcycle around on the spot by leaning it on the sidestand is all kinds of cool.

6) Adjusting your suspension
Front suspension, rear suspension, suspension length options, 9 out of 10 new riders don't know about all this.

7) How to patch a flat tire
Life happens and this is one essential skill no rider should leave home for a long travel without knowing.

8) How to fall off a motorcycle
If you don't know how to fall, you'll probably throw your hands out in front of you in some kind of outstretched "I'm-about-to-snap-my-wrists-trying-to-protect-myself-from-a-minor-impact" kind of way or find other ways to seriously hurt yourself (I actually fully agree with this one as well).

9) How to bump start a bike
Another essential skill often overlooked, the reality is that bumpstarting can be enough to keep the good times rolling, as opposed to keeping yourself on the side of the road waiting for a tow.

10) Excuses to tell your significant or insignificant other before you go out motorcycle riding
One of the most important skills of all is finding a way to make riding cool with your loved one, and maybe even talking him or her into coming along for a ride. Master this skill and live a truly happy life.

Can you guys and girls think of any more?

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RE #5: Never knew or thought about that. I'll have to give it a try. Could be really handy some times.

RE #8: I was told in the BRC to always wear leather gloves because if you go down you will always put your hands out in front of you. So you have a REALLY good point there. Personally, ever since learning to ride a bicycle about 56 or 57 years ago I've always put my arm in front of my face. Got many bloody arms as a kid, but never a scratch on my face. I wear a full face helmet now, but the habit is too ingrained to break.

RE #9: Can you bumpstart a bike with a CVT? I didn't think you could, but it wouldn't hurt to know about it anyway.

Thanks for posting that.

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As a New rider myself Thanks for posting this. :thumbup: I never gave any thought on how to fall.

I been riding on side streets for about a month now. My work is 5o miles away with all freeway driving. I feel ready to start riding to work.
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