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  1. Burgman 400 (1999-2006 Model years)
    Hello to you all. I am offering you the Level 2 of our famous "I am having an issue changing the ignition lock." With a new problem that I hope will trigger your attention. The new Level is called "My scooter doesn't always start for some obscure reasons." We can start by stating the obvious...
  2. Burgman 400 2007 - Current model year
    Hi, Yesterday while driving home I felt a bump on the road and after few seconds my engine stop. When I polled over i saw that the oil seal button is no longer there, what mean that all the oil spilled out. After getting the burgman back home, I put a new oil bolt and fill with new oil but the...
  3. Burgman 400 2007 - Current model year
    Hello, This problem was floating previously, it was taking from 10 seconds to few minutes but engine was always starting before. Not this morning... When I turn the ignition switch to ON dash starts its normal procedure, after it is finished coolant temperature show HIGH, and started does not...
1-3 of 3 Results