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  1. Burgman 400 (1999-2006 Model years)
    Hey all, Just writing out of frustration and in hopes of some explanation. I ride in Wisconsin and I my area last night it fluctuated around 32 degrees [f] and dropped to 26 degrees by 3am. I rode the bike yesterday about 5ish miles to a buddies house and left before it got dark and below 32...
  2. Burgman 650 (2002 thru 2012)
    2009 Burgman 650. The right brake light and right rear turn signal don’t work and I’m not sure why. Both bulbs are good. Checked the fuse panel and don’t see any fuses that are blown. Both brake levers work and activate the left brake light. Both front turn signals work. The right one blinks...
1-2 of 2 Results