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  1. Burgman 400
    Unfortunately we're approaching the time when weany, fair-weather riders make plans to tuck summertime toys away for a long winters nap. This will be my first winter storing my '12 Burgman 400 ABS. I added a tall Givi windscreen and tail box. I would appreciate recommendations on an adequate...
  2. Burgman 400 (1999-2006 Model years)
    Hey all just got a burgman 400 06 and I’ve been looking around the internet about them. I get a studder at takeoff and I’ve heard I need tp Deglaze the clutch pads, I figured if I was taking the cvt apart I should probably put in these dr pulley sliders ppl are raving about. My question is...
  3. Classifieds
    I recently sold my 2009 400, and have a stock Windscreen and Muffler that I would like to sell. The windscreen has never been used, and the muffler was used for a few months, before I replaced it with a Leo Vince Grand Turismo. I am asking $75 for the windscreen (+ shipping), and $250 for the...
  4. Burgman 400
    Hi. The computer of my Suzuki Burgman AN400, year 2012, is dead. I am from Chile and in my country I cannot find it. Please, I need help to buy it there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Burgman 400
    Please help, Just had this burgman 400 2018 for a few months. found something like a blue oil leak at the middle of the floor its parked. any idea?
  6. Burgman 400 2007 - Current model year
    Hi, Yesterday while driving home I felt a bump on the road and after few seconds my engine stop. When I polled over i saw that the oil seal button is no longer there, what mean that all the oil spilled out. After getting the burgman back home, I put a new oil bolt and fill with new oil but the...
  7. Burgman 400
    i just bought an 09 400 thats ran one day and he shut it off and never started agian So i checked for fuel and looks and smells like were getting fuel Pulled plug and grounded to case no spark So i need help what will cause no spark issues with these bikes Dont just wanna toss money at it...
  8. Burgman 400 2007 - Current model year
    Hello, This problem was floating previously, it was taking from 10 seconds to few minutes but engine was always starting before. Not this morning... When I turn the ignition switch to ON dash starts its normal procedure, after it is finished coolant temperature show HIGH, and started does not...
1-8 of 8 Results