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  1. Burgman 650 (2002 thru 2012)
    Hey folks, Earlier this year, an inattentive driver took a blind turn across three lanes of traffic right in front of me, destroying my light bike (a SYM HD200) and breaking my wrist. I'm insanely bored of TV, video games etc. , & recovered enough from the broken wrist to commence tinkering a...
  2. Burgman 650 (2002 thru 2012)
    2009 Burgman 650. The right brake light and right rear turn signal don’t work and I’m not sure why. Both bulbs are good. Checked the fuse panel and don’t see any fuses that are blown. Both brake levers work and activate the left brake light. Both front turn signals work. The right one blinks...
1-2 of 2 Results