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  1. Burgman 250cc and below (UH200)
    I had OEM battery that never gave me any trouble till it aged. Then i bought new one. My burgman gets 100km of driving every week (40 minutes continuous ride atleast 4 times in a week at speeds up to 100km/hr). With new battery, it starts to die out if i dont use it for a week? It seems it does...
  2. Burgman 650 (2002 thru 2012)
    I replaced my battery 10/03/2016 and on the 4th Anniversary I thought I should probably replace it. My friend suggested a battery tender and that worked for about 6 weeks. One week ago I wanted to take a ride and the battery died while cranking the starter. So I looked around for a...
  3. Newbie Questions!
    Which battery should I be looking for and at which price range for a Burgman 650 executive 2011?
1-3 of 3 Results