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  1. Videos
    In this video I show you how to install a GIVI plate / top case on 2017 and newer Suzuki Burgman 400cc Givi product links - Givi metal mount rack to frame - Givi topcase mount plate - Givi topcase - TOOLS: Rags -...
  2. Burgman 400 2007 - Current model year
    Hello, 1st time 400 owner, have a question? Being 6'8" the wind from stock screen hits me right in chin. I have searched for options. came across GIVI. without being able to view in perrson, I'd like opinions from any taller riders who may have went with GIVI: Which would offer better airflow...
  3. Burgman 400 2007 - Current model year
    Back in December (2020) my Burgman 400 2013 lost power while moving and turned off. It would then not fire back up, sounded like it was trying but it just didn't crank over. This was in wet conditions. Assumed I just had a lack of spark so decided to take it to the closest garage possible which...
1-3 of 3 Results