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General Information

MEV (Mills Extreme Vehicles)
Single seat,
Yellow, Black
The Eco-Exo-R is a Suzuki Burgman powered reverse trike utilizing the power plant and drive train from a 2008 Burgman AN400. It is a kit vehicle purchased through Exomotive corp, Atlanta Georgia. I started the kit in July 2013 and finished it before Christmas. It was inspected and registered for the road in January 2014. It weighs 60 pounds more than a stock 2008 Burgman 400.
2014 MEV (Mills Extreme Vehicles) Single seat, (Yellow, Black)


The front wheels and tires are stock Burgman taken from a 2005 and 2004 AN400. The rear wheel and tire are the original salvaged 2008 AN400. I couldn't use the 2008 fron wheel because it has dual rotors. I installed OEM Bridgestone Hoop tires.
The engine is a 2008 Suzuki Burgman AN400. It was a salvage scooter with less than 5000 miles on it. It uses the entire drive train which means no reverse.
The kit is made in England by a company owned and operated by the Scott Turner family. It was designed to utilize not only the engine from an AN400 but the following donor parts as well, gauges, windshield,fuel system, wheels, brakes, rotors radiator, exhaust and wiring harness. The skins are custom made and available in any gel coat color available.
The rear suspension relies on the stock mono shock from the Burgman, the front suspension incorporates upper and lower "A" arms with a 13" coil over shock. The rack and pinion steering and column is from a Fiat 500.
I gave myself two seating options. The primary seat is a Tillett seat. It is the type of seat used in semi-recumbent style racing Go-Karts. The other seat is a padded more upright RCI brand high back seat used primarily as a replacement seat for a stock car. I also have a 4 point safety harness, NRG steering wheel with automotive style column switches for lights and signals.
Wheel and Tire
I mounted a Garmin GPS on the windshield. The stereo is a series 1 Cycle Sounds amplified speaker set. The head unit is a 5th generation iPod with FM stereo.



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