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New Member Introductions

Introduce yourself. Name, scooter type, where from, How long you have been an owner, etc...
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FAQs - Discussion

Forum for questions, discussion, or suggestions to better the FAQs
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Home Page News

Mods and Admins can post here.
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I live here

Members cam post a general area of where they live. Please do not post exact addresses or phone numbers. No other topics to be posted here.
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General Discussion

General SCOOTER talk. Please use the tavern for "other" general topics.
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Newbie Questions!

Don't be afraid to ask!
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Safety Tips and Ideas

Discuss safety issues. Post links. Share ideas and experiences to help other drivers to be safer.
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Feedback for Suzuki

Only post information that you feel Suzuki would benefit from knowing. Product improvement suggestions are welcome. Not a "conversation" section.
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Web Links

Post your favorite Scooter links here.
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Burgman 650 (2002 thru 2012)

First year of the Burgman 650 was outside of North America was 2002. The first North American was 2003. Nick named 'Lardy' in England.
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Burgman 650 (2013 to current model year)

A few changes to the 2103 and up that the 2002-2012 do not have.
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Burgman 400 (1999-2006 Model years)

Burgman 400 before the 2007 model. 2002 is first North American years.
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Burgman 400 2007 - Current model year

Burgman 400 2007 and later models
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Burgman 399cc and below

All other Burgmans below 400cc
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All others

Any other scooters...including Silverwings.
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Complaints on the scooter....Please be constructive!
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How To

An area for posting step by step instructions on "How to" for the scooters. Ex: oil change.
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Gear and Accessories

Aftermarket and Accessories

Add ons for the Burgman line. (Windshields, saddlebags, exhaust, etc...)
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Riding Gear

Helmets, jackets, gloves, boots, rain gear, etc
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Member reviews of aftermarket products

This category is reserved for anyone to write a full review on any aftermarket product for the Burgman Scooters
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Reflective Safety Products - Motorcycle Decals ~ Will be designing FUTURE decal kits for the Burgman. This needs YOUR input.
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On the road

Road stories

Got a road experience or story to share? Something make or break your day while riding?
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Rallies and Gatherings

Want to meet up somewhere? Post here!
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BUSA Travel Stops Map

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Burgman Sightings

Report your sightings of other Burgmans here.
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Post, view, and comment on photos.
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Post your Burgman related video here.(Google & YouTube) Instructions posted on sticky in this section.
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Want to buy or sell? * Items will be deleted after 120 days.*
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Burgman USA Coupons and Discounts

Discounts and Coupons for Burgman USA Members Only.
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BurgmanUSA Store

BurgmanUSA merchandise discussion.
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Vendor Deals

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Buggy Parts NW

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A source of quality products -
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Notices to all users. Announcements.
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Comments, suggestions, and questions

Leave comments or suggestions on how to better this new forum and website or questions about using the forums or gallery.
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  • 477K Tech Support

New server problems: Finding any problems or errors? Please list them here.
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Need to test your signature, try posting a photo, use bold font, create a hyperlink? Use this area for testing and learning.
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Email Address Invalid

Your email address is invalid, please read the post in this forum
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The Tavern (Just about any non scooter topics)

Park your scoot. Come inside and relax a bit. Here is the place to discuss other non scooter topics. Please remain respectful.
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Jester's Court

Jokes, funny/amazing videos, humorous links, etc... Try to keep it somewhat clean.
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Regional Section
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